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I wouldn't call 55W of CF lights over 29 gallons low light, exactly - now the 30W of standard flourescent I have over my 29 I would call low indeed. Anyway, your setup now is perfect for algae - plenty of light and nothing to use it.

The previous poster outlined the steps really well. Clean it out and remove the algae as best you can, and then do a 4 day blackout. (turn off the lights & cover the tank. Don't feed the fish - they'll be fine.) Once the lights come on, be ready to go with some sort of CO2 system - for my 29, I use a Plant-gro CO2 natural system from Hagen - inexpensive, easy to use, and enormously entertaining to watch.

Then add lots of fast growing plants - hygros are great - polysperma, salicifolia, corymbosa, the najas mentioned earlier. You might be feeling like you want to wait to conquer the algae before you add plants, but that just won't happen.

I agree - can the phosguard. Once the plants get going, they'll deal with the phosphate just fine.

For fertilizer, I use Seachem's Flourish, added at each water change per label directions. Since you have more light than I do, you might try adding it every 3-4 days as well. I would also recommend adding some nitrogen and potassium - you can use Flourish's products for that, per label directions, or getting some dry KNO3 from a place like www.litemanu.com. Use enough KNO3 to keep nitrates around 10 ppm - start with 1/4t at water change and see what happens.

I really enjoy my 29 - don't get discouraged!


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