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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

Andy Lavery skrev:

Hi all,

I must say, I've truly enjoyed reading the archives of this list though I didn't find specifically what I was looking for; So I joined so I could ask a question.

Has anyone tried to use LED lighting to light a planted tank? I've been researching this for the last couple weeks - I can't find anyone who's done it (Well, there might be some dutch/germans - but my knowledge of those languages is lacking). But I've found plenty of LED moonlights in fresh and saltwater aquaria.

To test the theory, having an array of 6 luxeon star 470nm lights - I put them on my 2g planted tank. The tank glowed well beyond what the current 2 x 13w power compact could ever do. The fish definitely didn't appreciate it... I hope that was just the intensity & color.

Do we know what wavelenght's the plants need to grow?
One LED wil only luminate at one wavelenght, which would bee a good thing i we knew the ideal wavelenght for the plants to grow.

I'm going ahead and ordering 20 ultra bright white (6500Kelvin) 5watt, 20 degree 10,000mcd LEDs, in order to truly test whether this could work.

White LED's are a hybrid tecnology between a LED and a fluorescent lamp and acording to what I have been told they will bee less efficient over time compared to ordinary LED's.(limited lifetime)

Of course I've got doubts running through my mind, I have to wonder if 25w of LED light is too much in comparison to the power compacts currently on the tank. How best to space the LEDs to get good coverage (I'm sure that will be trial an error - but the 20degree 'spotlight' like output is going to make things difficult). I don't suppose of the lighting guru's here - I might have some answers?

Godt nytt år / Happy new year.

Arild Madsen

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