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[APD] Re: Ich and water changes (Karen Randall)

Karen said:
> The other potential problem is for those of us who have large amounts of
> in their tap water.  My tap water runs about 3ppm.  In water changes up to
> about 50%, my plants just lap it up... this is my method of supplementing
> phosphate.  But at those times when I do a REALLY big water change, I have
> to either run it through a phosphate absorbing resin, or be prepared for
> some green-water management in the days following.<g>

But 3ppm or more of PO4 does NOT cause algae in planted tanks! At least
that's what I've been told here when I suggested the use of Ferrous sulphate
to lower 3ppm PO4 to less than 1. I felt pretty stupid then, being lambasted
by THE fert guru:

"PO4 has been shown here and numerous other research studies that it does
not cause algae outbreaks __when growing plants__ are present....More is
simply wasteful. Above and beyond etc. "

So your statement has made my day. Thankyou. :)


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