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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 111

> "Jeff uses a substrate somewhat like Eco Complete, (I cant remember the
name of it) It is a rich substrate with all the trace minerals. He keeps a
somewhat low to moderate C02 level, and moderate to high light levels. I
don't remember what he adds to the water, but I do not think its much. He
sets up and maintains both large and small plant tanks in public offices in
greater qty than Tom or anyone else! And he has a public gallery of planted
aquariums. And he has great growth, vitality and color without major algae
problems. Believe me, when you have several public tanks that you service
the last thing you want is algae problems. So how does he do it?"

Err I've never told anyone how many tanks I've done over the years(honestly
do not know).
But Jeff has done more larger planted tanks than I have and seen them
through fruition.
I do not maintain tanks for clients generally.
I do set ups, and then try and train the people/owners.
I have not kept up with what and how theyb are doing unless they have a
question etc.
Less light, easy to grow and slow growers.
And a lot of fricking work.
And it shows........
He has great design skills at this scale and has certainly learned a great
deal much like Amano at what types of methods and plants work at this scale.

It is unlikely that folks have worked at the other end of my scale: lakes
and ponds with weed/algae issues.
Try a a couple of hectares:)

Tom Barr 

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