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Re: [APD] Re: Ich Debate

The answer *could be* that the fish, lots of folks' fish,
have a very mild case of ich that shows no symptoms. But
when something brings down the fishes's bilogical defenses,
then an "outbreak" shows up. But I wouldn't count regular
water changes among the cnditons that bring the defenses

What say the biologists?

Scott H.
--- Billinet at aol_com wrote:
> Twice in the last two decades fish in my well planted 29
> have developed Ich.  
> In each case the tank had no additions of plants, fish,
> or snails for at 
> least several months  (I rarely have the need to buy new
> stuff.)   Each infection 
> was caused by a heater failure and each was cured with
> minimal losses by 
> raising the temperature to the mid-90's for several days.
> I had always believed the conventional wisdom that Ich
> was always present in 
> an aquarium, like other pathogens, waiting for the
> opportune moment to strike. 
>   Now I don't know if that is true or not.  I guess it
> could be tested 
> experimentally.  But unless Ich floats in the air, in the
> two cases I cited, nothing 
> new brought the parasite into that aquarium.

S. Hieber

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