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[APD] RE: algae

> Thomas (and anyone else):
> Are there any nutrient management concerns regarding filamentous algae?

Just the stuff that I normally suggest.

> What is the best preventative approach?

Pack the plants in there from the start, general routines I normally
I don't have filamentous algae, but I bring it home all the time from
plants in the wild. 

> What are the alternatives for treating filamentous algae? (let's keep the
> SAE section brief)

Amano shrimp are hands down the best. 
But you need a lot more than folks typically use here.

> I presume that periods of darkness aren't going to bother this stuff much
> all. The species I'm most interested in are Oedogonium, Cladophora,
> Rhizoclonium & slimy Spirogyra.

Darkness will NOT do much to Cladophora. But the others will die in 3-5
days for sure. 
Cladophora may take a little longer but then your plants may suffer.
It works well for Rhizocolnium infected Riccia/moss/foreground mats etc.
Caldophora will have branchlets, none of the other mentioned algae do.   

It's the hardest one over all but with shrimps, it can be prevented/removed.

> Using the Python water changer carelessly spreads these things from tank
> tank. I'm also interested in cheap & safe (non-bleach?) related methods of
> sterilizing plastic equipment of thread algae to prevent cross
> contamination.

Permagnate, bleach, H2O2, lime water, CuSO4, salt/brine water etc.
I'd not worry about it truthfully.

Tom Barr  

> Steve P

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