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Re: [APD] pump motor gets hot and why not

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> If the pump is not blocked & is generating a good flow of
> water, there
> should be enough torque on the electric motor to generate
> the back EMF
> necessary to prevent excessive current flow, which is the
> root cause of
> heating. 

No, this is a centrifugal pump and blocking waterflow won't
cause it to overheat.  Jamming the motor would but blocking
the flow on a centrifugal doesn't jam the motor.

Anyways, Vortexes run a bypass circuit, that's why you can
get it to charge with diatoms by clamping the output hose 

> Make sure the water flow through the pump is
> occurring. Do not
> operate a blocked pump; it will overheat irrespective of
> whether its a
> centrifugal pump or not.
> Perhaps the pump coupling is loose?

No, it's direct coupled.
> If the motor heats even with a decent load, then it may
> have an internal
> short or was wired incorrectly or missing a fan in this
> configuration.

All electric motors heat -- the energy efficiency ios no
where near 100%.  The Vortex kgets warm but not too warm to
touch under normal operation.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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