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[APD] Phycology question #2 filamentous algae

It seems that our substrate thread has generated quite a lot of discussion.

I'll summarize what I think are the salient points at a later date. Here's a
new question:

Thomas (and anyone else):

Are there any nutrient management concerns regarding filamentous algae?

What is the best preventative approach?

What are the alternatives for treating filamentous algae? (let's keep the
SAE section brief)

I presume that periods of darkness aren't going to bother this stuff much at
all. The species I'm most interested in are Oedogonium, Cladophora,
Rhizoclonium & slimy Spirogyra.

Using the Python water changer carelessly spreads these things from tank to
tank. I'm also interested in cheap & safe (non-bleach?) related methods of
sterilizing plastic equipment of thread algae to prevent cross

Steve P

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