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[APD] RE: grey slime

This slime was first noticed before 12/14/03 and I thought it was end-of-tank dump. I am unable to test my Mg levels, but at that point I was adding MgSO4+7H2O. I have still been adding it to a lesser quantity of 1 gram at water changes (forgot to mention). I have read quite a bit about it, but I can not find anything really good. It does seem to grow in the light.
I started my new dosing routine 12/16/03 and since it first appeared 12/14/03, I am sure that the new dosing did not cause this. I am always good with my water changes, so I do not think its from a lack there of. I was having all kinds of problems before with hair algae, BGA, and green water, and now that my plants are kicking a$$, I've got this stuff. It is the big mystery. It is not happening on any of my other tanks so think that the open top may have something to do with it, so I will be putting a glass top on. 
I would love to hear from Cavan...
Thomas, I would rather hold on and wait it out, to see how else to get rid of it. I have spent enough money before knowing everything I could have, and have had regrets about past purchases. 


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