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[APD] Public v. Rich Water and Rich Substrate. Docket 124501

Robert H wrote:
"I had constant algae problems and even fish deaths. It was NOT however from releasing ferts into the water. It was releasing mulm, DOC, gunk and nasties. Whether the substrate was rich or
not, the constant disturbance threw the whole system out of wack."

Where do you think the ferts/nutrients/DOC comes from? Decomposing mulm, gunk, and nasties. Constant release of those things into the water column is akin to dumping raw sewage into the tank. Sure, constant disturbance will throw an aquarium out of whack and keep it there until things have been left alone long enough to get back into balance. It's the same for every habitat/ecosystem.

As Tom mentioned, the plants need to get their nutrients from somewhere, whether it be a rich substrate or rich water column. I had the pleasure of a long conversation with the guy Carlos mentioned when in Dallas and would like to note that this guy's substrates are potentially VERY rich. He also tends to redo aquascapes every six months or so leaving the substrate little time to deplete.

If we're running an aquarium with a high metabolism, yes, we'll need to enrich the water column to suppliment what the substrate isn't able to provide. If we've got a slower growth system chances are better that the substrate will be able to provide for most of the needs of the plants. It's all about balance.

Best, Phil Edwards

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