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Re: [APD] Heated Water

You should be able to find out from your local water
supplier what the copper content of the water they deliver
to your pipes typically tests at. Do you have a special
reason for thinking that you tap water picks up an
extraordinary amount of copper in the household plumbing?

Scott H.

--- Reggie Bustinza <numbr_9 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Is adding hot water straight out of the tap good for the
> aquarium?  I've 
> always heard that one shouldn't drink water hot from the
> tap because it has 
> probably stripped metals and stuff out of the water
> heater/pipes.  Does hot 
> water dilute copper faster, possibly raising copper
> levels enough to 
> hurt/kill inverts?
> 'Cause if it's not bad for the aquarium, then I'm gonna
> start using hot tap 
> water as opposed to what I've been doing (drawing cold
> water then heating it 
> up in jugs w/ water heaters).

S. Hieber

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