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Re: [APD] abbreviations ??? -- or - Brief (re)Marks

I assume you mean the chenicals and not the computer
jargon. Some folks, and I have been guilty of this too, use
N and NO3 (or P and PO4) as if interchangable -- they are

N nitrogen

NO3 Nitrate

P Phosphorus

PO4 Phosphate

K Potassium

O Oxygen

S sulphor

different combos of those make Potassium Nitrate (KNO3),
postassium sulfate or dipotassium sulfate(K2SO4), potassium
phosphate (KH2PO4), which are the three raw chems you can
by dry and use to fertilize your planted aquaria. In
additon you add some Seachem Flourish or Tropica Master
Grow to supply trace elements.

The chemists can jump in with the rest.

Eco-complete is a nice very porous substrate that you can
probably find in a local fish store (lfs) for about $21-28
per 20 pound bag. You can get it on line from several
stores, like Bigalsonline.com ($22) -- note that shipping
costs will be a big piece of total costs, so if you can
find it local, compare prices.

SeaChem's Flourite substrate and Onyx Sand substrates are
also very nice -- none better by many folks' accounts.  I
don't find much diff in how the plants perform in any of
these but visually these substrates are all different.

Hope that helps a bit,
Scott H.
--- Diana <di51343 at execpc_com> wrote:

> Hi all,   Newbie here.  Been reading your emails but got
> to say i can't understand all the abbreviations.  Is
> there a list somewhere that will tell me what they
> mean????
> I'm just a housewife in Wis. USA.  Getting ready to set
> up a 90gal. planted tank. Could sure use some help. 
> Right now having trouble with what Substrate to use.
> Been told Eco-Complete is the best but can't seem to find
> it,  Does anyone know what it cost and were to purchase
> it.??
> De Anna

S. Hieber

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