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Re: [APD] CO2 Needle Valve -- or - Growing knowledge and growingplants

--- Andrew McLeod <thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk>
> . . .I would like to
> create an 
> Amazonian biotope one day, with tetras, otos, ancistrus
> and some plants 
> (Amazon swords is all I know come from the Amazon so
> far), but I must be 
> the most researched newbie ever, as I have been reading
> every post on this 
> list for about 3-6 months (I forget how long), and will
> probably not set 
> up a plant tank for another 6-12 months.

Oh man. Go set up a tank -- you'll be surprised after a few
months how much research is right inside the glass box!
Even if it's something simple, through some Flourite in a
15 gallon tank, add whatever filter you have or can easily
get your hands on (some mulm from another tank if yo can
find it) some light, even if it's just "stock" lighting or
a flo lamp from a hardware store.

Like they say, when your plants grow, you grow ;-)

> Just one question - how do people make big water changes?

2 ways. One is to use a Python. I don't do it this way
much. Uses lots of water to drain water out of the aquarium
and sends it down the drain. Also slow -- used to take
about 20-30 minutes to drain half of my 150g. But great way
to fill the tank.

Normally, I use a large powerhead (pump) and a 3/4"
(I.D.)garden hose. I drop about 70 gallons out of 150g tank
and into the back yard, which loves water, in about 5

> What do you do 
> with 30 gallons of water when you're trying to warm it
> up? 

With a Python, you set the water temp by adjusting the hot
and cold water at the faucet. What's a bucket? One way is
to put a stick-on theremometer right on the faucet (got
that from George and Karla Booth's web site :-) ). Another
way is to put a cup or glassunder the faucet and use a
digital thermometer. When the temp is right, turn the
Python valve to fill and let it flow.

> Do you need two 
> buckets so you can empty and refill

Buckets are way too much work. Get hoses or tubing that's
long enough to reach from tank to drain and from faucet to

> , and does the drop in
> water level (and 
> thus turning off of all pumps and heaters) during changes
> not matter? 

Naw. Not unless you're going to leave it that way for a
long time, like for hours. Even with just a Python and
wimpy water pressure, it never took more than a hour to do
a 50% water change in the 150g -- and during a lot of that
time I could the pruning, planting or other maintenance --
and then forget the water is running and overfill. Well,
actually, if you've done your research, then you know you
can't overfill an aquarium it has an automatic limit -- the
carpet is another matter ;-)

> . . .Only thing I am worried is that I receive forty 
> thousand
> plant 
> suggestions, and spend the next six months looking them
> up on the 
> Internet! (not that I would mind)

Growing plants is even more fun than reading about growing
plants. Put some in a bucket, anything, but start growing
plants! ;-)

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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