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[APD] CO2 Needle Valve -- or - Rolling down reasons for solenoids

It is for me. I add CaCO3 and baking soda to raise the the
KH an GH up to about 4. That's still soft, wouldn't you
say? The water from the tap is about 1 or 2 degrees GH and

Good to know that quite soft water is still stable with constant CO2 additions. Is that soft enough for a really soft blackwater Amazonian-style thingy? (I don't know). I would like to create an Amazonian biotope one day, with tetras, otos, ancistrus and some plants (Amazon swords is all I know come from the Amazon so far), but I must be the most researched newbie ever, as I have been reading every post on this list for about 3-6 months (I forget how long), and will probably not set up a plant tank for another 6-12 months.
Just one question - how do people make big water changes? What do you do with 30 gallons of water when you're trying to warm it up? Do you need two buckets so you can empty and refill, and does the drop in water level (and thus turning off of all pumps and heaters) during changes not matter? Any advice for the experience-challenged but happily researching newbie?
PS I would buy Tom Barr's book too.
Only thing I am worried is that I receive forty thousand plant suggestions, and spend the next six months looking them up on the Internet! (not that I would mind)

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk
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