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Re: [APD] Help! My posts are one long sentence!

It's up to your email processer. The standards call for the
 cr lfs  (that's carraige return/line feeds, not local font
store) to provied by the displaying program since the
creating program doesn't know who or what will be
displaying the mail.

Not all email processor observe this standard.  Some allow
you to set this under Tools or Options, i.e., turning word
wrap on or off.

Scott H.

--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just dumped my old ISP and started using a DSL carrier
> with a new email service. I noticed my posts here have
> turned from nice paragraphs long sentences that are a
> real PIA to read. Can anyone direct me on how to get a
> normal number of words on a line? 

S. Hieber

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