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RE: [APD] Re: CO2 reactor questions

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In my experience, an internal or external CO2 reactor is more efficient than
using a cannister filter, but I use both. I curriently use two Eheim 2217s
and an Aqua-Medic 1000 for CO2 injection on three tanks.

Eheims are the only cannisters I have used that will do a decent job as
reactors without getting air lock. Fluval MSF filters can't take CO2

I have used the intake of my Fluval 404 for about a year now with no
difficulty at all. A bit of purging every now and again, more so if I have
not cleaned the media for awhile however I service my filter once a month so
it's not a problem for me. I keep my 77g tank between 6.6 - 6.8 (lights
on/off) with a bubble rate of less than one a second. Couldn't really ask
for much more.


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