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Re: [APD] CO2 Equipmrnt - Toronto area

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 08:42 pm, Glenn Attwood wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 18:44, rockel wrote:
> > Does anybody know where CO2 equipment can be found in the Toronto area,
> > ( i.e. tanks, gauges etc.) for putting together a compressed CO2 system.
> I got my tank+flowmeter (instead of a regulator) from
> http://www.camcarb.com.  I can't remember the price exactally, but a
> brass regulator was ~$80CDN IIRC.  They also have steel and aluiminium
> tanks (steel is cheaper) and will refill or swap depending on what you
> want.

I'll second the recommendation on Camcarb.  I got my tank from there, and they 
are generally good people to deal with.  I have a 5lb cylinder, and they 
refill it for me while I wait.  They have normal business hours though, and 
are not on the weekends which is not always convenient.

The tanks that you can get at the Homegrown Hydroponics outlet in Markham come 
from Camcarb, and they carry the larger sizes.  It's a swap situation with 
them.  I also believe that several of the Big Al's stores will swap cylinders 
for you.

Andrew Roberts, Richmond Hill, Ontario
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