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Re: [APD] Re: glowfish banned

To me, that suggests that the individual is the lowest form of organization.
People acting without organization exist strictly in a state of anarchy,
with every person being for themselves.  Surely you wouldn't advocate that,
say, your family be hurt in some way because you didn't value the
organization that is family structure.  We aren't given "rights"
automatically, nor do we deserve them.  We earn them by being a law abiding,
productive member of our given society.  I may be an individual, but unless
I'm willing to live in the woods with no protection or aid from anyone else,
I don't deserve free reign to do whatever I want.  The point at which I get
protection from police and the military, drive on roads, use publicly owned
space, operate on the public power grid etc., I have a responsibility to
abide by laws (and suffer the consequences of breaking them), and I tacitly
form an agreement by opting to be a member of society.  To say "I should get
to do whatever I want, because I live in America, the land of the free and I
have rights!" is, in the end, damaging to the organization (the USA) you've
chosen to belong to.  I am, to a point, willing to give up liberty for
safety, as I don't really want to have to worry about the gangs in my
neighborhood (I live in a less desirable part of Denver) breaking down my
door without consequence.  I don't feel that this makes me any less
deserving of the liberty I work to support, or of the safety I earn.

Justin Collins

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> The individual is the highest organization, for nothing else can exist
> without it. Anyway, if a ban is enacted, I DIDN'T relinquish my rights!!!
> Other people stole them from me. There is but one way to relinquish (as in
> submitting voluntarily to a search). If someone told me I had to be
> searched against my will, they have stolen my rights while using violence.
> Lepomis_Man
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