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Re: [APD] WPG Rule - or WPG Rules - until a new Ruler comes along

--- Billinet at aol_com wrote:
> Sure, but most people can't measure color temperature or
> CRI, 
> or compute CO2 
> based on KH and pH.
>  That has already been done and is
> readily available on 
> the web.
> I am suggesting that the same thing could be done for
> Lux, or Par, maybe 
> better.
> Better measurements of the effect of various
> bulb/reflector/whatever will 
> become available.  It is question of when.  Maybe someone
> on this list can
> start that.

By *George*, I think you've got it! When it becomes
'at-hand', people will use it. Right now, it's not, at
least not for most folks. Until then they'll use what works
best short of something better. It's not enough to be
accurate, it must be readily available. And for that to
happen it probably needs to be enough better than wpg to be
worth going to the trouble.

Lumens isn't much better since it's biased to eyes not
plants.  In fact, there's some problem with each of the
standard measures used for light output. Like the old song,
WPG will do until something better comes.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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