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Re: [APD] Re: WPG Rule

>Try to get 15 ppm, even if you have low light.  Plants do
>better with CO2, even at low light.  If you are trying to
>decide on better lights and can only afford to add CO2 or
>the lights. do the CO2 first, then the lights when you.

>Scott H.

I keep several plant tanks, three have AH Supply lights and are CO2 injected. I have one crypts
tank which is a 20L with 2 15w bulbs on it, this may be upgrade to a 2 20w set-up.
Then I have two other tanks used for cultivating plants. One is a 55 with 2 40w Trichromatics,
the other 20L with 2 20w fluorescent bulbs. 

>--- R S Ahl <rsahl at dimensional_com> wrote:
>> Now we have a idea of watts per gallon. What would be the
>> proper CO2 levels to shoot for?
>>below 1.5 wpg = low;
>>1.5 to 2.5 wpg = as much as you will ever need;
>>2.5 to 3.5 wpg = inappropriately high;
>>above 3.5 wpg = extreme, unless you are growing banned
>> botanicals around
>>the base of your tank
>>Of course, this is for fluorescent bulbs that don't
>> suck. If you insist on
>>using sucky fluorescnt bulbs, I would go with Scott's
>> thumb.


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