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[APD] Bolbitus bleach damage/ red river clay

I recently recieved some plants that had been bleached to get rid of hair algae. I have read that its not uncommon for vals to fade and melt if not immediantly then soon after the bleach treatment but that the rhizomes would recover and put out new shoots. My question is on the bolbitus fern, most of the leaves are blackend or blackening, it has been in the tank now for several days (tied to a piece of malaysian driftwood) and shows no signs of *perking up*. If I cut the leaves all off and leave only the rhizome tied (with thread) to the wood will it eventually come back and put out new leaves? I don't really want to leave them on if they are just going to melt away.

On another topic I live near the Red River, at the Tex/Okla border has anyone ever checked to see what the content of the "red clay" soil here is or if it is of any use as a substrate?

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