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[APD] George sounds right on

With folks squawking about the WPG rule, and high vs low light, I have found what he said about it to be just fine and dandy, in other words I agree with him:)

His and my idea of high low light is different from other folks I think perhaps due to the "old days" when folks had to custom make their hoods to get 2w/gal under their before PC lighting, and few were willing to pay for MH's.

1.5-2w was pretty good back then. I still think it's pretty good today. Some of the nicest tanks I've seen are in that range. Many of those nice Dutch tanks are also in this range. 

The WPG rule has not failed me yet. I've set up some very big and very small, some very deep etc.
I have made some slight adjustment when things get ridiculous, but overall it's still a good rule of thumb.

I would challenge anyone to show that a plant needs more than 2-3 w/gal in a standard 55 gal tank.

So why would you add more than this? 
Like to prune?
Like to flirt with algae?
Enjoy watching nutrient levels fall fast?
Like to tend the tank more?

Some folks like to prune more often and like to note nutrient uptake etc.
I may be one of those but there are not that many out there. 

Seems pretty judicious to have more moderate light levels than are recommended. You'll get more plants per watt and less algae potential.

And it's __cheaper__. Have to add that, since that is often the biggest goal of some of you:)

Good newbie tanks will have 2 w/gal, not more.  

Tom Barr


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