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Re: [APD] Re: glowfish banned

 Paul Krombholz was accused of saying...
> Has science ever produced by genetic technology an organism that has
> gotten loose and created problems?
Monsanto's "Round-Up Ready (TM)" soybean has destroyed Canada's European
Soy export.  We used to export >300M tonnes a year to Europe, now we
export <3M to Europe.  The problem is that the GM soy _does_ crossbread
with regular soy no matter what Monsanto says.  Plus with the current
infrastructure, Canada cannot guarantee that any soy is GM free.  Now they
are trying to get GM wheat in place...
The issue in this case, for me at least, is not the a GM product is itself
dangerous, but that you can dump more and more
pesticides/fungicides/fretalizers on the GM crops.  So often the side
effects of our behaviour  in relation to a GM product could be far worse
that the GM product itself.
To keep this a least a little on topic for the APD.  What if there was a
GM aquatic plant produced that could grow in almost any tank, but required
a specific fretilizer? perhaps one with something we would otherwise
consider toxic like copper.  Soon this plant becomes popular and people
start dosing toxic ferts, dump wast water down the drain, or into
garderns.  That is when you would really start to have a GM issue.
> If unmodified zebrafish are not a threat to the state of California,  I
> can't see how the ones that produce a red fluorescent pigment
> produced by a gene from corals would be.

Introduced species are a whole other story! (damn zebra mussles, purple
lustrife, european earthworms in old growth forest, ...)
Glenn Attwood
"Well, I like the 49ers because they're pure of heart, Seattle because
they've got something to prove, and the Raiders because they always
cheat."- Lisa Simpson

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