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Re: [APD] RE: glowfish banned in california - this sucks

> Is the wonderful diversity of the natural world not
> enough for you?

Eventually we'll run out of species to explore. Then
we have to figure out ways to transcend nature. Maybe
we'll find something weird or cool in lake vostok on
the pole or fish in europa's ocean by jupiter. with
climate change underway (which i believe is a natural
occurance) you merely need to look at the 3 global
warmings going on at triton, mars, pluto, and the
recent temper tantrums the sun has been having to see
that the climate is shifting naturally. the
environment therefore wont survive without us tending
to it in the future or repurposing it for our own
needs. like it or not we are the dominant species on
the planet and now the world revolves around us with
even the slightest purposeful action on the environment.
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