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Re: [APD] RE:Appropriateness of Marine Plant disscussion on the APD

--- Justin Collins <jucollin at du_edu> wrote:
> Its the same manufacturer, and the same stuff.  Some
> company digs the stuff
> up, and sells it to a variety of companies,
> including Caribsea, who holds an
> exclusive contract for aquarium use.  If you call
> the company that markets
> Southdown to order a truckload, they'll actually ask
> you what you're using
> it for (a friend of mine and I are trying to bring
> in a couple of pallets,
> as its hard to find west of the Midwest, for some
> inexplicable reason).  If
> you say "aquariums", they won't sell it to you.  God
> bless the marketing
> mavens at Caribsea.

Thats because of the common practice of price gouging
in the reef hobby. I'm trying to do everything I can
to tell people how to save money. It should be cheaper
to buy finished products than do it yourself.
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