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[APD] Re: Re: marine plant tank discussion ml?

>>My personal view is that I did SW only for >12 years, got bored and
to go high tech for reef keeping, so moved back to FW and planted tanks.  SW
per se holds no mystery for me, and I suspect that many folk on this list
have more than a nodding acquaintance with that subset of aquarium

Yeah, come to think of it, a big percentage of my sales is to Ex reef
keepers converting to freshwater! I even ran an ad in FAMA last year
targeted to those people. I love dealing with ex reefers. Hey, I'm not
knocking it, keep it coming Tom.  Its something new to talk about here. I do
a good job killing freshwater fish, I'm sure I could kill just as many salt
water fish. You are going to have to write a marine plant FAQ and handle all
the newbie questions, "how do I set up a marine tank, whats a calcium
reactor, a kassawassa what?

Robert Paul Hudson

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