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Re: [APD] Nature will find a way

> You don't need to loook to science fiction.  Look at
> grass carp.  They were
> sterile... well something better than 99% of them
> anyway.  But with fish
> that lay 1000s of eggs and lives close to 20 years,
> it doesn't take a
> mathematician to figure out WHY we now have happily
> reproducing grass carp
> all over the southern U.S., munching endangered
> plants along with nuisance
> species, and out-competing native fish species in
> the bargain.

So what they need to do is release a new engineered
form of grass carp that is exceedingly tasty! have it
mate with the grass carp in the wild and open season
on them. i bet you your problem would be solved in no
time at all!
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