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[APD] RE: Algae Bloom?? PLEASE READ! Thanks!!

Hello all,

As I wrote a few weeks back, I started up my  8 year old high tech tank
again with a huge planting of glosso's, vals, and some Riccia.  My water
began to cloud up a week and a half back...I thought this was normal with
the heavy plant load.  I do my 50% water changes thus far, and even did
another JUST 2 days ago, with a filter cleaning (Fluval 304).  Today my
water is REALLY cloudy as ever!!  I've put in NO nutrients in thus far, just
taking the wait and see approach. I have approx. 30 algae eating type
shrimps and 15 cardinal tetra's.  Water condition for my 55g tall is just
about perfect from what I can measure thus far.  PH 6.8 with rock STEADY Co2
injection via my American Marine pH controller. (Tap water is 8.1pH) KH of 6
and a GH of 3.   Temperature is rock STEADY at 77deg with my Sandpoint
substrate heater controlled with a Medusa temp/chiller controller.

As for the plants they are growing like crazy...Within 3 weeks, my glosso
are THICK and spreading a 4" high carpet across the tank!  (Time to trim
soon!)  My Riccia has grown 3/4" high as well.  I have probably too much
light at the moment, 278w to penetrate the 24" high tank. (2x 96w & 1x
96)...I needed to get the Glosso kicked off. (It sure has to say the least!!
hehe)  BUT, NO algae to speak of, EXCEPT for this cloudy water.  I've NEVER
seen an algae bloom before, my cloudiness is not really green, it's more
whitish, but looks kinda green with the heavy green plants reflecting off
the acrylic.  A very nice guy here mentioned in my earlier post on cloudy
water, that this could be early bacteria/normal??  I'm not set to panic JUST
yet, but...2 days after a 50% water change, it's more cloudy than before and
seems to be getting worse. Could this be natural for this tank with the
amount of plants, light and Co2?  Do I perform another water change and add
some activated carbon??

I do think I have a good aquatic balance of light Co2 and plants.  Nutrients
to follow soon, lower light, just going SLOW, but the water has got me
concerned!!  Thanks all for any input here!

Victor Di Cosola
victor_dicosola at adelphia.net

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