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[APD] Re: Marine planted tank

For those that know they cannot find all these species and would like to take a look at these species in nature, there will be a Marine plant fest a day after the FW plant fest is over. 

So you can get all your little geart desires, bring home some Cymopolia for the kids, some Daysa for the wife/hubby.

One ecosystem I really like and am blown away by is the Mangrove sponge/bird/macro/seagrass beds. Yes, there will be a stop there also.

I need to work on max uptake rates for most of the plants I keep. FW plants use up more nutrients from what I've seen. 

The tank has been set up for about a little over a year. 
I am still a long way off from understanding the variables so I will not divulge too much for awhile. 
Tom Barr 

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