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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 1

Now both are fun for even the person not interested in Plants. Snorkeling on a reef, hanging out in the islands, swimming in a clear FW spring, collecting lots of plants is pretty fun no matter how you add it up.

The Marine trip will have us stay at a Marine Lab and lodging will be about 70$ for the 3 days anmd we will do ID/Herbarium presses etc.

It'll be the same as before, we will all pitch in for a boat to go to several small Keys I have lined up.
Flights in/out of Maimi are pretty good also if you cannot stand FW.

Just as a pointer for everyone wanting to go, Fort Lauderdale International Airport is much
cheaper and much less hectic than Miami International. That will save some $$.

We will visit several places for near shore habitat, a Mangrove Sponge/seagrass bed, a nice Coral reef(not much algae here) and a few small islands. Key West is not too far so folks can go have touristy fun also if they choose.

What? No Dry Tortugas? :)

I will try to work things out so folks cost are kept to a minimum(Marine lab Lodging etc). I'm looking at June for the trips. Cost will be food, traveling there, boat rental, lodging, I charge a flat fee of 40$ for each of the 3 day events. Most folks come back with more than that worth of weeds/wood etc.

I will talk to Erik to see how we might work this out with AGA and will let folks know as things develop.

I would like to do this once a year. Everyone has fun and learns a lot and if you have an algae question, I will be happy to answer it:) Typically there is plenty of time while floating on the reef or down the springs to discuss whatever is on your mind.

I will have to limit these trips to around 10-15 people.
Don't get the tourist trips that cost 4x as much and don't show you much of anything.

Sounds like fun! For all who haven't been to the seagrass, mangrove, and reef ecosystems in
south Florida, they are truly worth visiting!


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