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[APD] RE: High Tech Tank....8 Years Later!

Vic Di Cosola writes:
>I know George Booth has written a few
>things on his experience on Laterite,
>but I'm very curious to see how his
>and other substrates are performing
>over a long period of time?

We last set up our three tanks in May 1996 after we had to tear them down
to make way for some house remodeling. So they all have 7+ years on them.

We decided to tear down the 120g tank this summer to cut down on
maintenance a bit but it was still going strong - no visible algae, rapid
plant growth. We could see no difference in growth or stability compared
to the initial set up. We've never added anything to the substrate beyond
the initial 2 kg of laterite. It had a 250w Dupla heating cable. We
neither saw nor smelled any problems in the substrate when it was removed.

The other two tanks are still set up and running just as well as the 120g.
One is a 100g discus tank with a 200w Dupla cable and the other is a 100g
rainbowfish tank with a 150w Dupla cable.

BTW, we still have the 250w Dupla cable if anyone is interested.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, CO (gbooth at frii dot com)
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