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[APD] Hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes

Hi everyone.  

I've been growing H. sibthorpiodes for about 2 years
now.  Right now, it's larger and healthier than it has
ever been.  It definitely isn't a very forgiving
plant.  But if you give it the brightest light
possible and lots of co2, ferts, etc, it can do pretty
well.  It has a unique chalky green color that really
stands out.  Grows very slowly.  

My problem now is what to do with it.  Using it in an
aquascape is a challenge.  Some of you may have seen
the photo of it as a foreground in my tanks at the AGA
convention.  That doesn't really work.  It's a little
hard to keep it growing flat.  In a couple of Amano's
tanks, he kind of lets it grow over other things in
the midground.  

I would be interested in hearing about any one else's
experiencesd with this neat plant.  How have you used


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