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[APD] RE: Eclipse 3

I'm not sure from the post which part is missing--just a filter
cartridge, or the whole pump apparatus--but Marineland has been very
easy to deal with re:  spare parts for Eclipse hoods.  You might call
their customer service number per the web site: 

If you have specific questions about our products, we suggest you
respond to Customer Service. The e-mail address is
techhelp at marineland_com. Our customer service number is 800.322.1266 and
our phone hours are 8am-5pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Friday.

Or check if your LFS carries spare parts and can order them for you.

They're nice little tanks for plants because even though it's tiny and
only 2W per gallon, the light is only 8 inches above the plants and
almost anything small enough thrives in them for me, even without CO2.

--diane brown in st. Louis

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