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[APD] A note on cold climes

James Foley writes:
>In the summer our house stays at 18-20C with the help of the air
>In the winter, the house stays at 22-24C, thanks to the furnace. That's
>right. Warmer rooms in the winter. Light up the fireplace and the temp gets
>up to 28-30C easily.

I've never understood the reason for doing this. Why would you want your house
at 18C (64F) in the summer, when you're probably in short sleeves? And then you
roast at 30C (86F) in the winter, when you're probably wearing a sweater? Don't
you suffer thermal shock when you walk outside?

As someone's already mentioned, this also requires a huge amount of energy.
Simply reversing your temperatures to keep the house cooler in the winter and
warmer in the summer would really help the global environment, not to mention
your utility bills.

- Jim

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