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[APD] Tank Depth Vs. Light Levels for Glossostigma

Ive had problems with growth of Glossostigma and have been wondering if its due to light levels. I'm using 4x55w CF lighting(6700K, 3 month old bulbs) on an All-Glass 72 gallon bowfront. Distance from water surface to level of Glossostigma/flourite substrate is about 19-20 inches(add another 4 inches for distance from water surface to lamps). Basically, had slow or near zero growth, spindly appearance despite all other plants in tank doing very well. Using typical Seachem Fluorish products( iron, potassium, nitrogen, flourite, flourish) so I know nutrients are in good ranges. Is a tank with this height a problem as far as light penetration for foreground plants such as Glosso? Any recommendations on maximum tank heights for planted aquariums? Thanks for anyone's help on this.

Lorenzo Rota
Santa Cruz, CA

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