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[APD] Re: Home depot spiral bulbs

Unless the technology has changed drastically, in recent months, don't waste valuable DIY time going this route, Scott.

The spiral bulbs suffer from a great deal of restrike (as do the double U-tube lamps) and go bad *really* fast under a hood. They are noticeably blackened in just a couple of months, and many have early deaths.

Rain gutter reflectors are too diffuse and inefficient, also. The combination isn't likely to give you anywhere near the usable light per buck of a retrofit kit from AH Supply.

The twisty ballasts are also often electrically noisy, making use of an X-10 o/e controller impossible on the same circuit. They'll mess up AM radio reception in your house, too, unless you are right near the station.

The cheap CF bulbs at WalMart and Home Depot seem to be a classic example of the old story. You can pay a bit more and get prime oats, but those that have already been through the horse are considerably cheaper.



Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:01:06 -0500
From: "Scott D. Goett" <sdgoett at att_net>
Subject: [APD] Home depot spiral bulbs
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How much were the bulbs?  I am looking to make a DIY light with 2 of those
(or the double u-shaped ones I found at Walmart - 6500K and $4.99).  I was
going to house them in a peice of plastic rain gutter cut to the length of
the tank.  I saw this done on a DIY webpage, but unfortunately can't find
the page anymore so hopefully I remember enough about it.

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