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Re: [APD] Reactor 1000 placement for a w/d filter-- or - Going loopyfor CO2

Yes, you should run a power source to the reactor that fits
its needs. Other than that, I think you should do what's
convenient -- the diffs will all be in the amount of CO2
used (and CO2 is relatively cheap) and how efficientyly
you're pumping water (how much repumping your'e doing
before the water gets back to the aquarium).

I don't see pressing need to dump pumped water into the
sump and then just get pumped again -- might as well send
it into the aquarium instead of repumping it before it gets
back into the aquarium. With a Mag 1200, you're probably
averaging about 800-1,000 gph output (depending on number
of fittings, film inside the tubing, distance of rise from
pump to aquarium), why spend 10-20% of that flow rate in a
loop that doesn't include the aquarium?

Also, unless the sump is covered, you're probably going to
be losing some CO2 with a sump dump. But with the reactor
outlet very close to the sump pump intake, the CO2 loss
would be very small, so if that arrangement is convenient,
do it that way.

You probably *do* want to tee off of any high level water
source you use and you might even want to put a ball valve
on one or both outputs of the tee to control/balance the
flow according to needs.  [All the more reason to build
that diy PVC manifold off of your sump pump ;-)  ]

You could even tee off the sump pump and run the reactor
return line back to the sump, if that makes your set up
tidier for you -- less or shorter tubing, fewer outlets in
the aquarium -- and you don't mind losing that amount of
flow rate (100-250 gph) through the aquarium.

Scott H.

--- Mark Vanvick <mark_vanvick at choldings.com> wrote:
> I need some help with the installation of a Reactor 1000.
> I have a 120g. tank with a tide pool w/d filter and a
> Magnum 1200 return pump.Should I install the reactor on
> the return line? If so, I guess it should be split off of
> the line somehow because the reactor has a recommended
> flow rate of 250gph.Or should I  place a magnum 250 in
> the sump and install the reactor with the outlet dumping
> out into the sump close to intake of the return line to
> the tank. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> -Mark
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