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Re:[APD] Reactor 1000 placement for a w/d filter

Hi Mark,

I have this reactor and really like it. It mixes CO2 for my 240 gallon tank. 
I also have a sump (Oceanic model 3).

The instructions in the C 1000 recommend a _minimum_ flow rate of 250 gph. 
You can adjust upwards according to your needs. I have been helping a friend who 
just hooked up a 265 gph power head to his, and he gets good dissolution of 
CO2, but the water doesn't fill up the entire reactor. Stays in the bottom 
1/3rd, basically, but does a nice job in his 125 gallon. I suggested he valve off 
the output side of the reactor and reduce the outflow of it if he wants it 
filled all the way with water, in addition to checking all his fittings to be 
sure they are secure. The C 1000 has a screw on top and bottom and can be used 
externally or internally. He either cannot keep more water in the reactor than 
it can empty thru the bottom output barb, or there is air getting in.

Mine is placed in the sump, powered by a Rio 1900. I prefer this to teeing 
off the return pump (Dolphin 2100). I like keeping my systems separate. Sump 
placement is great because there is little or no algae growth because it is in 
the dark most of the time. I have a 90 degree elbow connected to the output barb 
on the reactor, and it is directed to the intake of the return pump. A bit 
more heat from the Rio as opposed to teeing off the return pump, but I like the 
setup. It's a discus tank anyways, so no problem there.

Be prepared to bubble in more CO2 with a sump type system as opposed to using 
cannisters or HOB type filters.


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