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[APD] RE: Choices - Eheim filters

I think you can not go wrong with the Eheims, but I would suggest you look at the 2217. I am using four of them and they are cheaper than the 2228 and hard to beat performance-wise. (The 2250 and 2260 are bigger but more expensive - do not include media w/ filter as the 2217 does - and I prefer to have redundancy on large tanks, so I have two 2217s in a 125g). You probably do not need the extra bio-activity of a wet-dry in a properly stocked planted tank. The open-can design provides lots of flexibility.  I put my media in mess bags so separation and cleaning is a snap.  They are silent and in a properly stocked planted tank may only need cleaning every 60-90 days (or longer in some cases).  You can get a 2217 for a little over $100 complete with shut off valves and media.  Some people comment on air-lock, start-up problems but I have never had it.  
Good luck.  
Subject: [APD] choices: Eheims
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Well, with all the Eheim talk....
I am finally resetting my planted aquarium up after a couple years of 
laziness(it was set up from '89 to '01). I had a Wet/dry setup before 
the problem is noise( Iwaki pumps are supposed to be quiet....hmm...my
definition of quiet and theirs are different...) from pumps, overflows 
the filters combined with having a non-aquarist spouse.
There is a issue of space, my wet/dry will not fit in the cabinet(and 
it is
in the living room).
I have been looking at the Eheim 2026 (it will fit in the cabinet) and 
aquarium is 100 US gal. The rest of the equipment is Dupla (undergravel
heater, CO2 etc).

Any advice, comments on whether to use the larger,2028, is the Ehein 
worth it?( or just a PITA..first word:pain).
I would prefer to use the wet/dry but I need a house!

William Lynn

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