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RE: [APD] Re: Eheim diatom filter


My original premise with Scott Heiber was diatomaceous earth isn't part of a
diatom filter.

My next premise is it's a worthy experiment and personally not worthy of any
scorn and very worthy of thought.

Of course silica sand wouldn't work in 2213.  But you know what?  It
wouldn't have created the bacteria cloud either?  It absorbs a whole lot
more than carbon.

Think, think, think and reason,


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Sharon Frey wrote:
Scott Heiber could you possibly be a bigger butt than you already are?
Iguess the answer is yes!Diatomaceous earth is a silt sand commonly used in
filters in theSouthwest.  Silt meaning very very very very very fine.  How
the worlddid you get from Seweryns post to lambasting every person who
triedsomething a little strange?This avocation is a process of trial and
error and
learning from themistakes and the successes.  I have always wondered if you
have a
plantedaquaria or just make stuff up as you go along.A diatom filter (which
you have never used and I have) references the sizeof particle that is
filtered.Personally I would like to see this post go forward and hear others
observations and ideas.Is it possible that you would just shut up long
for others to thinkreason and resolve?  I hope and pray so.Sharon
(end quote)

I have followed this complete thread and didn't find a single sarcastic,
butt-headed, or otherwise offensive comment made by our esteemable Mr.
Scott is one of the APD's more prolific, eloquent posters, and he is usually
on with his experience and/or advice. I suggest you re-read his posts before
YOU make offensive comments to him. Perhaps you took something he said the
wrong way. Whatever the case, name calling helps no one.

Diatomaceous earth would not work in a 2213, and IME Scott's suggestions
regarding the 2213 would be the only way the only way to get any fine
filtration out of that unit. I own one. A Vortex or Magnum charged with DE
would be the way to go, although I have a HOT magnum and 99% of the time the
Micron Cartridge alone works very well for fine particulate filtration.

My favorite way of dealing with cloudy water from algae blooms is my handy
watt in line UV sterilizer. No drugs and it works well.


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