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Re: [APD] UV Question

Hmm.. I had a quick look around, and so far none of those brands are on offer in Australia.

Could someone explain this to me... The Aqua Pro series 9 watt is cheaper than the 6 watt. Ideas why? Is the 9 watt an inferior model? Also, on the product description, it says that the unit will kill algea growth and "reduces harmful bacteria". Does this mean that it is not very efficient at killing the bacteria?
The Rainbow units seem to claim a higher kill rate for a broader range of organisms.

Most of the liftime of the bulbs is rated by continual usage, right? So if I only used the UV striliser periodically when there is a problem, it should last for several years then, correct?


and some are based on lethality only for algae,
which requires a much smaller exposure than protozoa.

For a 30 gallon tank, 8 or 9 watts should plenty. The products you mention are very well built but a but pricey, imo. Consider also the Custom Sealife, Tetra's unit, and the relatively new Coralife models.

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