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RE: [APD] UV Question

Scott writes:

If you're considering a UV, the prices also vary widely. Lat week I found a
popular model selling for as little as about $62 and as much as $128, quite
a spread! The best prices I have found recently are at Bigalsonline.com but
shopping around on your own is always a good idea.  Hey, if you find better
prices, let us know!


To tack on to Scott's suggestion: BigAls has a guaranteed lowest price
policy - 5% less than what ever you can shop up. I know they definitely
honor it when presented with an internet link to a cheaper price. It can be
handy to take advantage of it - especially on the bigger ticket items and
when ordering multiple items from different vendors and wanting to minimize
shipping costs. BigAls also gives a year's warranty above the manufacturers
warrantee on electrical items but I haven't had a chance to see how that

Gary Whitt
Cork bark backgrounds in planted aquaria

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