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Re: [APD] EHEIM diatom Filter/ Bacterial Bloom

I took it as a cheeky jab at the delicate nature of diatom filters, so no problems there ;-)

Hmmm.  I intended a serious response. Of course the remark
about inventing "a resonable diatom filter" was said in
merry sport>

I in fact tried the floss, and while it did pick up some brow junk, it has so far failed to stem the milk tide.
I'll try to get some pictures up on the web, to let everyone know what I am talking about.

Floss was a very inexpensive thing for Seweryn to try to
try and I thought it might be worthwhile given that it was
not clear what the nature of the cloudiness was.

BTW, my tank is about 4 months old, and has seemed to have cycled itself previously, as my ammonia, and NO2 were consistently at 0. I do get a bit of a oily slick on the surface, but it is usually broken up with my insertion of an airstone at night, but then I have always had an oily slick forming on my tank without some form of surface agitation.

Paul suggested the use of Daphnia, which I am willing to entertain, as they will also feed my other fishy/shrimpy friends. How practical is culturing and keeping daphnia, or for that moatter rotifers (they do about the same thing right?).

If folks disagree, then it's good that they post so that
Seweryn and others can consider the different info.

As for the UV, what stops the UV from damaging the DNA of the plants/fish/shrimp? Is it just that they do get damaged, but higher organisms have more cellular machinery in place to fix that damage?

- Seweryn

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