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[APD] ATI sponge

"Rick wrote:
How high can your tap water PH be. I presently have a heavily planted
33g livebearer tank that I'm using an Aqua Clear 200 and a ATI #3 sponge
filter. In my case with 35 tanks I am replacing most of my Aqua Clears
with sponge filters driven by a linear piston pump. I have DIY CO2
injected into the Aqua Clear intake using 2 x 1 gallon jugs and I can
drop my PH down to 6.8 even with the extra agitation caused by the ATI
sponge. You could use a sponge filter in your 15 g tank (the #3 ATI is
rated for tanks up to 30 gallons) which would provide you a large area
for beneficial bacteria growth coupled with very easy maintenance (rinse
it out once a week in tank water). Hook that up to a air pump with
adjustable pressure setting to reduce surface agitation.

My tap has a pH of 7.8, KH 9, GH 13. The tank has a pH of 7.6-7.8, KH 8,
and GH 17. The onyx was just put in about 3 weeks ago and it does have a
buffering affect. My tap water has changed quite a bit from this summer
(was pH7.2, KH5, GH8) , the town must be drawing from a different
????????I have the Hagen natural plant system with about
one bubble every 6-7 sec. The bubbles are just a pinpoint by the time
they make it to the top of the diffuser, so I think I am getting a good
absorption. If I leave the AquaClear on low I can get a Ph of 7.4. by
the morning before I turn the lights on.

   I think the ATI prefilter sponges are great, and yes...easy to
clean!!!   I have a #2 prefilter attatched to my input on my AquaClear
and a #1 regular filter that I got from a seller on aquabid. I do have a
question about the regular filter though. ? ?   ? My regular
filter # 1 didn't come in a box with directions. I can easily see how to
use it with a powerhead, but can't quite figure out how to use an
airstone with it. I have it set up so the airstone ends near the lower
part of the sponge, kind of in the base, but I can't see that I am
getting any flow through the sponge. I have it running in my 2.5 gal
"sick tank" right now and just see stuff floating by and a lot of
bubbles coming out the top. I thought that the airstone would cause a
current drawing into the sponge and out the top, like they do in an
underground filter. I can't really use the tube that came with it unless
I cut it down an inch or so because it is a short tank. Should the
airstone be above the sponge in the tube???  If so, what are the little
"ports" on the top of the filter that are perfect for attaching airline
tubing to for? I did try to contact the seller but he didn't return my
email. I even went to the companies website and they didn't get back to
me either. 
????Oh my the way, what is a linear piston pump???

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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