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Re: [APD] Pool Filter Sand

Among swimming pool filters are the sand media type and the
diatom media type.  For the former, 50 punds bags can be
had relatively cheaply.  Wht's availablae genrally depends
on what's local.  It costs to much to ship sand very far so
the local stuff is usually what's locally sold.

Here in NJ, it's you basic quartz sand about 1mm in
size--very little trace materials.  Basically inert stuf in
an aquarium.

You should be able to find it at pool supply stores -- but
like I said just what's local can vary.

Scott H.
--- Phil Bunch <pbunch at cox_net> wrote:
> Over the past few days there was a brief discussion of
> pool filter sand. I 
> blew off the messages :-( What is the texture of the
> product? I have some 
> Neolamprologus ocellatus and the sand I'm using now is
> too course for them. 
> I'm looking for a fine textured sand.

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