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Re: [APD] Re: Tom Barr -- and other endeavors

As another maven recedes from the APD, we can hope that all
the knowledge, lessons, and discussion will remain, passed
on to others, and then passed on again and again newbies
arrive, old and new questions are presented, and
discussions continue.

There is an army of gardeners that were virtually raised on
Tom's advice, with aquaria fitted to the nutrition regimen
he so often described and explained.

This has been the nature of the APD for longer that a great
many lists have even been around. One doens't have to go
back into the archives and count the posts to realize that,
at least in recent years, no one else has so willing given
so much help to so many people on APD.

But hey, this is not an obituary. It's a salute to changes
and individual progress. And for APD, it's another changing
of the guard.

Tom got George Booth back on the list, from time to time.
And we hear, from time to time, from Karen Randall, Roger
Miller, Neal Frank, Paul Sears, Paul Krombholtz, and Erik
Olson (who has never wasted a single word), and the many
other de facto masters who presence on the list has changed
over time. I'm sure others will get Tom back from time to

In the meantime, Tom obviously has been already and will
continue to be missed here.  Good luck, Tom, with the

Scott H.

--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> I'm alive, just a lot of things in school, teaching and
> personal life will
> not allow surfing the net right now.. . .But I will not 
> be around to the extent in the past.
> I don't check
> things out here anymore nor look. Happy gardening folks.
> I'll be at the AGA this year.

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