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[APD] Re: Low Light Plants and Goldfish

Hi Laura,
I have two planted tanks both with fancy goldfish.  The fancy goldfish are
far easier on plants than the common ones.  If you allow the algae to grow
on the back wall of the tank, they much prefer to nibble on that than to
bother with the plants.  I notice them picking at the plants, but they are
trying to get the algae not actually eat the plants.

I currently have many of the favourite plants in my tanks.  Goldfish will
not eat crypts or java fern.  They don't seem to bother various Amazon
swords, egeria, nymphaea, crinum, vallesnaria, hygro, bacopa, lysimachia,
saggitaria and many other varieties.

So you can plant your tank without fear.  They may uproot the stem plants
for a couple of days until they are rooted, but once they are rooted they
will be fine.

Also, weather loaches make good companions with golds.

>Unfortunately there is not enough room between the top of the old TV
>housing and the aquarium for any kind of standard light fixture.  She also
>has gone with fancy goldfish.  I am still intent on "classing up" her fish
>tank so I'm up for suggestions.  Looking for very low-light (the thing is
>near a window...), goldfish-tolerant plants (I thought maybe some
>anubias?), and possibly suggestions for lights that shine through the
>*back* of the aquarium or angle down from the back corners/side.  Also
>maybe some more interesting fish that might work with goldfish.  We are
>both college students so this has to be a very budgeted operation.

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