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RE: [APD] Re: Tannin from Driftwood

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>I finished setting up a 20 gallon paludarium last week and, after getting
some design flaws corrected, added the water. I realized then that I had I
neglected to soak or boil the piece of driftwood that is in it. Thus it is
leaching tannins into the water column. This is a 20 gallon tank with net
7ish gallons of water with Flourite over a layer peat for the substrate. I
could pull the driftwood out and soak it now to clear it up but it would
muck up the substrate and the water pretty badly to do so. I'd prefer not to
do this.

What I'm wondering is, How long will it likely take to stop discoloring the
water with weekly 50 percent water changes and is it okay to go ahead and
plant the submersed plants before all the tannins have leached out?<<

I put a chunk of driftwood from the West Coast in a 25 g tank and it took a
couple of months to clear up. Didn't both me, it won't hurt your fish and my
Cardinal Tetra's looked great in that water. If you don't like it use some
carbon in your filter to clear it up.


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