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[APD] Re: spilled co2 mixture

It's the end of a very bad day :( I woke up this mourning to a very, very, very clouded aquarium, I guess my cat, no wait, my wifes cat got under my aquarium and knocked the bottle of suger and yeast over. Needless to say almost all of it ended up in the aquarium :( About 12 hours ago I did a 50% water change and charged my diatom filter. I let it run for a few hours and the aquarium wasn't clearing up. I back flushed it to make sure it was working. It's now 12 hours later and my aquarium still hasn't cleared. I'm going to do another 50% water change in the mourning. Is there anything else I can do? Has this happened to anyone else? How long should it take to clear up? I'm guessing about 1 liter was dumped into the aquarium.
Thankyou to anyone who can help,


A thought for everyone out there using DIY CO2 systems:

There is a nifty little gadget we in the telecommunications industry have for cable management that is basically a velcro strip with the hooks on one side and the loops on the other. It works something like double-sided tape, and can be wrapped around things and it sticks to itself. Maybe this stuff would be useful to HOLD THE DIY CO2 BOTTLE TO A LEG OF YOUR TANK STAND? The stuff isn't super cheap, around $1/foot or so, but you'd only need a few feet and it's easy to get from computer networking places (try CDW and Datacomm Warehouse). I just thought of this while reading this post and thought I'd mention it in the hopes it might help someone.

For your tank clearing problem, there are a bunch of articles on this on the Krib in the CO2 section (under plant gadgets). Usually it takes a few days and several water changes, but as long as you tend to your tank you should make it through the event OK.


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