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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 2, Issue 29 worms in tank

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> Has anyone seen these "worms" or have any idea what they might be or if
>  the might have a tiny stage that would damage my fish?
>  Please email me off list you have any serious ideas about this. There
>  may also be a nematode in there, can't tell yet.
Most if not all worms you would be likely to find in your tank are just part 
of the fauna  and probably more helpful or at least harmless. I have seen a 
worm like the one you describe in the wild but it never survives in my tanks 
because the elephant nose fish makes short work of any worms. I wouldn't worry 
too much, any worms that would harm your fish reside in the fish. There may be a 
rare exception but not likely to  be in a tank as they have complex life 
cycles that involve birds and are very tiny when free swimming if they are free 
swimming at all.

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